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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of use of the website and distance sales regulations
Welcome to the website of the commercial company under the name SPEARDOM «STATHOPOULOS DIMITRIOS FISHING EQUIPMENT» established in Haidari (Ilia Venezi 20, 12461 Haidari - hereinafter the "Company"). Please, before you go any further or use the company's website, read carefully the following Terms and Conditions of Use. Every visit to the Company's website and any use thereof are subject to these Terms and Conditions of Use. If you choose to visit or use the Site and the possibilities it offers, it is presumed that you have read, have understood and that you are in complete agreement with these Terms and Conditions.
Scope of Use of the Website
The Company's website and its contents are in accordance with the Greek legislation and the relevant EU legislation. The laws of other countries may be different. Any supply of a product or service through this Site in any countries where this is prohibited, will be considered void. The Company reserves the right to limit the provision of its products or services to any person, geographic region or jurisdiction and/or to limit the quantities or any products or services provided.
The entire content of this website is protected by copyright law and remains the exclusive property of the Company. The contents of this Website may not be copied, reproduced or otherwise redistributed. Therefore you may not copy, display, download via the Internet, distribute, modify, reproduce, republish or retransmit all or part of any information, text, images or documents on this Site to any electronic media or in hard copies, or do some work that based on any image, text or document on our website without the express prior written consent of the Company. Anything contained in this site shall not be considered as granting any license or right with respect to any intellectual or industrial property rights, patent, trademark or logo of the Company or third parties.
All Trademarks displayed on the Company website, product names and logos, whether or not appearing in large print or with a trademark symbol, are distinguishing features and/or trademarks of the Company or third parties, unless otherwise stated. The use and/or falsification of any distinguishing features / marks is expressly prohibited and constitutes a violation of the legislation on Intellectual and Industrial Property on marks, unlawful competition etc. In case of any failure to fulfill obligations, the Company reserves the right to exercise any legal right.
Personal information security
Our Company respects the protection of personal data and information of the Website users. Any personal data that may be collected are intended to be used so as to better serve visitors or users of the website and to the completion of any remote sale.
Non-Confidential Information
Any information, communication or other material that you either send to us online or to the Company's website by electronic mail (e-mail) or by any other means, such as questions, comments, suggestions or relative, our Company will perceive and treat as non-confidential and shall have no obligation as to such information, except with data and information which constitute personal data within the context of the law. Our Company is free to use any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques contained in such communication for any purpose, including (but not limiting to) the promotion of products offered online.
Other Websites and Third Party Links
This Site may contain links or references to other websites maintained by third parties, the control of which does not belong to our company. Similarly, access to our Website may be achieved through links that you will find on the websites of third parties which are beyond the control of our Company. Our Company does not guarantee or give any promise for the accuracy, power or completeness of the information contained on these websites and assumes no responsibility for any damage or loss caused by the content or information contained in them. Any reference to a third party site via a link located on our company website doesn't in any way imply that our Company strongly recommends or approves the content or websites of third parties.
Exclusion of Liability
The Company will make every possible effort, wherever possible, to include in the website the most accurate and reliable information, however, it does not guarantee or give any promise regarding the anytime accuracy, power or completeness of its Website. The user assumes all risks which may arise from accessing or using the Website. Furthermore, the Company does not assume any unavailability of some of the website products. Neither the Company nor any party involved in creating, designing, or making available to the public this Website will be liable for damages to the user, including without limitation any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or other damage, arising from any access, use or inability to use this Website, or for damage caused by even slight negligence of any employee or proxy or any error or omission in the content, unless it is proved that such a failure is due to the fault of the administration itself of the Company with intent to cause damage to a specific user. The exclusion of liability includes causing any damage of any virus transmission in the electronic equipment of the user.
The User agrees to indemnify, defend and avoiding jeopardizing the Company, its employees, its executives, dealers, suppliers and third party partners from and against all losses, expenses, damages and costs, including equitable remuneration of legal advisors, resulting from any violation of these Terms and Conditions of website by the user.
Product Description
Our Company strives to be accurate and for this a detailed description of the essential characteristics of the products offered for sale is provided through the Website. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied by the stated description of a product, please contact us so that we answer in any of your questions and thus serve you in the best possible way. The Company reserves the right to amend the specification of its products without prior notice. Any such amendment will apply from the appearance of the website of the Company.
Billing - Invoicing
The prices of all products sold on the company website are retail prices and include VAT. The final cost of each order will be calculated after adding the retail price of each item packing costs (if they exist) as well as shipping costs, the amount of which will be shown to our customers before finalizing their order. The price charged to the customer is valid at the time of ordering. The Company reserves the right to change the prices of its products however any such amendment will not affect any existing finalized orders which will be accepted by the Company. The Company provides you with the opportunity to submit your order, select the type of payment document you wish to receive, either receipt or invoice, by completing the relevant part of the page. The contract of sale will be considered qualified only after a written electronic confirmation is sent by the Company. Note that the Company may withdraw without any reason and thus not fulfill an order, in which case any money that may have already been collected shall be refunded.
Payment Methods
For the convenience and service of all those who wish to purchase any products through the Website, The Company offers the following payment methods: - Bank deposit - Pay with cash on delivery (if available) - Via PayPall account
Product Warranty
The Company makes these products available through the Website along with the relevant manufacturer's warranties where such guarantees exist. For products under the Company s production, the Company will offer the guarantee mentioned respectively in the presentation of any such product under the respective terms and conditions. The Company provides no other warranties (time or otherwise), except in the cases as expressly stated. If a product has a defect covered by warranty, the product must be sent to the head office for repair by our Company and/or the respective delegations (see details on refunds for each product separately), and then the collection of the product will be done at the expense of the customer. A prerequisite for accepting return is the completion of the relevant form of defective product return incorporated in the guarantee, which you will find posted on our company website.
The products will be shipped to the address which is set by the respective customer at the time of order. The company works by courier (courier), in order to ensure safe and fast shipment of products. Shipping costs will be covered by the Company's customers, who will be informed by email about the exact shipping cost of each order before submitting their final order. Our Company tries to ship products to customers within the indicated time lines, but in case of any delay for any reason, the Company shall not be held responsible. Risk of damage or destruction Of Products: The shipped products are covered by limited insurance against damage or loss in transit. The coverage of that security ceases once the product is delivered to the customer. Customer may choose shipping with additional insurance covering the total amount of the goods and the goods only. Goods are shiping with full responsibility of the customer.
Returns / Withdrawal
To avoid any discomfort, we recommend that you check your order at the time of delivery, that the status of the ordered products and packaging are intact, so as to detect any obvious defects created by incorrect product shipments, i.e. broken products, missing parts etc. Returns of products that are sold through the company's website are specified in the following cases:
- In case of incorrect product shipment, due to the Company or its suppliers, customers will have the right to return the product within fourteen (14) calendar days from the day of the receipt. The product must be in excellent condition, must not have been used, as long as the deficiency can be detected without opening the packaging, keep the packaging intact and include the original content. In this case, the return costs will be covered by the Company. Customer commited that the product has been tested upon collection, in the presence of the carrier (note that the carrier is obliged to remain at the place of delivery at the opening session of the products). In this case, the cost of the return (or new mission where replacement/modification) will be undertaken by the Company.
- In case that a product is damaged during shipping, the customer is entitled to send it back and request the replacement of the damaged part of the product with a new one. The product must tested upon collection, in the presence of the carrier (note that the carrier is obliged to remain at the place of delivery at the opening session of the products). The cost of the return (or new mission where replacement/modification) will be undertaken by the Customer.
- Also, the customer will be entitled to send back the product without giving any reason and return the product within fourteen (14) calendar days of receipt, in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act. The product must be in excellent condition, not used, the packaging must be intact (closed) and this includes the original content, which must be accompanied by "Statement of Withdrawal" fully completed and signed by the client that was shipped when the product was sold and is a model which is registered on this site. In this case, the return costs will be covered by the customer.
- In case of a product malfunction, provided that it was no defective upon receipt, the customer is entitled to withdraw with a refund or replacement of the defective product with new or replacement with another model of his choice in a similar price (price differences for the first contacting the store is required) within fourteen (14) days from receipt thereof. In this case, the cost of the return (or new mission where replacement / modification) will be covered by the Company. In these cases, the customer will be responsible for the loss or deterioration of any products that he wishes to return their reception by the Company. Consequently, we recommend that refunds are being made by registered letter Post Office or by using overnight courier (courier). In the case of an order that has been given in advance any form of payment for a product availability status "on demand", there will be no right of return without justification.
Under aged
The contract of sale from a person who do not have the required legal right is prohibited.
Terms and conditions of use of website and distance sales regulations in general
If any of these Terms and Conditions of Use is held to be unlawful, void or unenforceable, this condition will be considered as a non- written, but without affecting the validity and enforceability of the remaining terms. The Company may at any time amend any or all of the Terms and Conditions of Use contained herein, and users will be deemed to have notice and be bound by the changes since they will appear on the Company's Website. The Company reserves the right to alter or delete materials of the Site at any time and rests on its discretion.
Applicable Legislation
These Terms and Conditions and use of this Site along with the opportunities it provides to customers / consumers are subject by the laws of Greece. Dedicated competent to any relevant difference is the material the Courts of the city of Athens.