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About SPEARDOM Web Store


The first thought
Always we try to find ways to do things better or just different. You can see changes during all these years giving our equipment new design, new and better capabilities and in many cases the "new" to ourselves, starting a new era for our underwater adventures. These pages are here to present the old: the tested, the high value of some and the new: evolution shown in products that you can touch and use making a step forward.

Setting a new frondier
The purpose of this Website is to present years of experience through products made of the finest raw materials and the best ingredient of all: Some people's pure passion for what they do. So you will find Bleutec 's full product list along with PATHOS spearguns, with all the information you need to create a proper and safe opinion of what you are looking at. Speardom Team and all the partner's teams are here to advice on technical questions, usage advices and suggestions and of course to share small stories. Most of our products are built to order. In other words every order is a single entity for us from its birth and through production process till it becomes the final product you get in your hands. Bleutec spearguns and speargun accessories, fin blades, reels, wetsuits, neoprene accessories and products are handcrafted.

Feel free to communicate with us if an idea a, thought, a suggestion or even a single question that comes up. We will be more than happy to answer or and join your meditation.

As an epilogue

We are making any efford to keep updated any information or detail issued to any of our products. You can also be informed with the latest information of technologies adapted to our involvement with frediving and spearfishing.


To all of you, from all of us at Speardom Web Store - Thank you!

Dimitris Stathopoulos
A Spearo

I. Venezi 20
12461, Chaidari